Our Partnership Strategy

Zyngenia Inc. is focused on the development of new classes of biotherapeutics to address the complexity of diseases by the simultaneous targeting of multiple biological pathways. Our game-changing technology surpasses other biological platforms by creating differentiated and innovative monoclonal antibody-based therapeutics (called Zybodies™) that combine multi-functionality with the desired drug-like properties of conventional monoclonal antibodies. This strategy has the potential to improve disease intervention with the cost and development paradigm of a single biologic agent.

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This technology platform (and the resulting programs) generates many opportunities for discovery and licensing partnerships. Zyngenia Inc. is currently pursuing a select number of discovery partnership opportunities with companies interested in applying our technology to develop new biotherapeutics. The resulting Zybodies would use the partner’s own monoclonal antibodies (or public domain antibodies) as core scaffolds—together with selected modular recognition domains (MRDs) generated by Zyngenia Inc.—that are better equipped to address disease biology by virtue of multi-valent and multi-specific interactions. These early-stage partnerships have the potential to include one or more novel biotherapeutics spanning a number of different disease areas. At Zyngenia Inc., we continually mine our peptide libraries for MRDs of therapeutic importance.

Additionally, Zyngenia Inc. is interested in discussing licensing opportunities regarding our proprietary programs, including our oncology programs and the TNFα/Ang2 inflammation program. The TNFα/Ang2 Zybody program targets these two cytokines, both of which are critically involved in inflammation. Initially, Zyngenia Inc. is advancing the program—which is approaching Phase 1 studies—for the treatment of ulcerative colitis. Zyngenia Inc.’s preclinical data strongly suggest its potential superiority over the parent antibody adalimumab. Zyngenia Inc. also has a number of early-stage oncology programs with novel biology, making them attractive partnership assets.