About Us


Zyngenia Inc. is developing a new class of biotherapeutics to better address the complexity of diseases by the simultaneous targeting of multiple physiologic pathways. These highly-specific, single-molecule drugs are able to more effectively treat multi-factorial diseases, such as cancer, inflammation, and autoimmune disorders.

Our pipeline is comprised of monoclonal antibody (mAb)-based drugs that can concomitantly engage several validated disease targets through the genetic fusion of additional peptide-binding motifs to the mAb. Zyngenia Inc. has advanced three programs into preclinical development and achieved preclinical proof-of-concept with both bi-specific and tri-specific programs in cancer and inflammation.

Test Tubes

Zyngenia Inc.’s game-changing technology surpasses other biological platforms in the creation of innovative and differentiated mAb-based therapeutics (known as Zybodies™) that combine multi-functionality with the desired drug-like properties of conventional mAbs, all while employing standard commercial production processes. Our technology platform and the resulting programs generate many opportunities for discovery and licensing partnerships, with the aim of addressing a broad spectrum of diseases.

Our History

Zyngenia Inc. was founded by Carlos Barbas of the Scripps Research Institute. Our operations were initiated in 2009 with $25M in funding from New Enterprise Associates. Since then, we have assembled a top management team, partnered with a group of scientific and clinical advisors, and expanded our intellectual property portfolio to protect our programs and technology.