Science & Technology – Our Vision

Recent advances in the field of biology have revealed the complexity of diseases, such as autoimmune disorders and cancer, thereby demonstrating that these illnesses are typically driven by a range of different factors. Frequently, physicians must use combinations of drugs to address complex disease biology effectively. For years, monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics have been used to treat many diseases; however, because they modulate only one disease target, they alone are often insufficient to be fully efficacious. To treat diseases more effectively and to overcome the economic and regulatory hurdles that face biological therapeutic combinations, future biotherapeutic drugs must transition to increasingly sophisticated multi-specific and multi-valent therapeutics that can synergistically and concomitantly disrupt diseases through multiple points of susceptibility.


Zyngenia Inc.’s technology was developed specifically to create a new class of drugs that is ideal for treating multi-factorial diseases. With this technology, we’re developing single-molecule biotherapeutics that possess the desired drug-like properties of mAbs and can also synergistically and simultaneously engage up to five targets. This ability to tune valency in a single molecule and add different specificities enables our novel biotherapeutics to contain several antagonists and/or agonists of different disease targets. 

Zyngenia Inc.’s drug candidates retain the desired properties of mAbs while offering enhanced specificity to disease tissue and the ability to interact with multiple biologic pathways of interest. This strategy has the potential to reduce toxicity and boost therapeutic efficacy. As such, Zyngenia Inc.’s multi-specific, multi-valent therapeutics hold significant potential to address the complexity of disease more effectively.